Department of HRD


Department of Human Resource Development


The Department of HRD was introduced in BCG in the year 1995. The Chairman, Mr. Vikram Patel, felt that if education had to be a humanistic process, then people involved in it, needed to be sensitized and prepared for continuous learning. The HRD department was established to study and plan for the needs of the system and its people to create a healthy school environment.

HRD in Schools:

The school is a place that thrives on relationships. Surely, the people we have the best relationships with, are most likely to influence us and our learning about the environment. The motivation most adults experience comes from the feeling of belongingness, the ability to make a significant contribution, and a sense of purpose.

The Dept of HRD in BCG works at building harmonious relationships between adults in the system. Coordination, team-work, managing conflicts, providing clear direction, and interpersonal skills are all part of developing healthy interactions that are meaningful and productive. The HRD provides services for systems analysis and training. The aim is to provide positive and empowered staff, and efficient systems. With rapid changes in education, technology, and environment, there is a definite need for enhancing skills to manage changing student profiles, and managing teachers' personal and professional development. The HRD provides discussion platforms, workshops, and feedback mechanisms that aim to build the ASK-set (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge) for the organization and also aids the School Administrators in making quality decisions.


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