Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame


Mrs. Kamla Katial
(Tenure of Service: 1988 to 2006)


Mrs. Antoinette Fernandes
(Tenure of Service: 1990 to 2003)

Principal of Bombay Cambridge School, Andheri-west, since 1994, Katial Ma’am led the school to exceptional academic achievement. Known most for her deep concern for students, there are scores of students who, thanks to her persistence are now contributing members of society. Her staff looked up to her, and Katial Ma’am was an educator and administrator that the Management depended on. She retired from active service in 2006. She continues to be an educator and inspire students and staff alike even today.

Katial Ma’am was an institution in herself, and institutions do not retire. They stand strong and are for always.


Mrs. Antoinette Fernandes, fondly known as Toni ma’am to all staff and students alike, is a committed educator with a deep love for children. Since 1990, she has been a constant guide to Pre-primary education in the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul. Under her supervision, the methodology embraced a student-sensitive and activity based programme. Post her retirement, she continues to be active in Education.

Her enthusiasm and unrelenting spirit have long inspired people who have had the privilege of working with her at the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul.


Mrs. Nirmala Nair

(Tenure of Service: 1994 to 2013)

Mrs. Nirmala Nair has been the Headmistress of the Pre-primary section at Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Malad since 1998. She retired from active service in May 2013. What makes Nirmala ma'am special is that she knew each one of the tiny tots in her care individually. Deeply ingrained in her are the values of honesty, respect, and a work-ethic that is exemplary. She is an expert planner, a stickler for detail, and unfailingly punctual. Her belief is ‘work while you work and play while you play’; and at social occasions, is delightfully fun-loving and adventurous. She will always be remembered as an elegant lady and an efficient administrator.