Department of Research


The Department of Research

CEO: Ms. Achama M.

In-Charge: Ms. Ashvita Jacob

The Department of Research of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul was established in the year 1996. It develops and creates all curricular material for all schools in BCG, in the form of worksheets for students, and Audio Visual CDs (when required). Each worksheet and the exercises therein are designed to address specific objectives. The Department of Research provides editorial and designing facilities for the publications of the BCG schools.
The various publications of the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul released by the Department of Research are:

Reader Book
(Junior KG)

For Students:

  • Customized Worksheets for all
    classes ( up to std IX).
  • Map books
  • Reader Books for Prep School
  • Grammar Text Book
  • Crossroads- A memoir for std X
  • School Diary
  • Report Cards
  • Certificates

For Teachers:

  • Grammar Reference Book
  • Certificates

For Parents:

  • Invitation Cards
  • Memory Books

Other Material:

  • Advertisements

Reader Book
(Senior KG)

Grammar student book

Memory Book

Primary Diary

Secondary Diary


Report Card (Std II)

The Department of Research along with the Department of HRD jointly hosts

1. UNISON and ATHLEIN – the inter-BCG student events and

2.ABHIVYAKTI- the inter-BCG teacher event.


Holistic Education is an experiential journey of discovery and expression where all students and teachers learn and grow together. It is a quest for understanding and meaning. Unison, the Bombay Cambridge Gurukul student event is an endeavour towards this. It is aimed at providing students interactional opportunities in new contexts, as well as to display skills acquired through the curriculum. It also seeks to open the mind, warm the heart and awaken the spirit. In Bombay Cambridge Gurukul, we believe that Education should be meaningful for all learners.

The Annual Bombay Cambridge Gurukul Student Awards are presented on this day to achievers among the five schools of the Gurukul. This is interspersed with performances by students from each of the Gurukul schools. The student awards are an acknowledgement for the sincerity and diligence that students put in towards their school work, and at the same time; a recognition of the values and spirit they bring into life at school.


The Sports trophy Athlein was introduced in the year 2004, because it was felt that it would help towards generating greater focus on Sports in BCG. The students of all the five schools of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul compete in various track and field events on this day. Prizes are awarded for these as well as for the school that displays the best March Past and for the one that secures maximum points in the events under each age group. The school with the highest aggregate walks away with the coveted Athelein trophy.


‘Abhivyakti’, the Teacher Recognition Event is organised every year on May 1st on Maharashtra Day. The Bombay Cambridge Gurukul has always held its teachers in the highest regard. We believe that what a teacher can do for a student has no rival in its importance and value. ‘Abhivyakti’ is the day on which the Management recognizes and expresses its acknowledgement of good performers. Based on the theme selected by the Core committee, each school makes a presentation involving maximum number of teachers. ‘Abhivyakti’ is a time to rejoice, savour achievement, and rejuvenate one’s own efforts towards higher goals and standards.

The Central Departments, in consultation with the Principals of the five schools organize the event and arrange for the presentations and awards.

Objectives : 

  • Recognize teachers for the quality work they do for children.
  • Opportunity for teachers to share thoughts and ideas.
  • Platform for teachers to discover the self.
  • To generate thought on significant issues that affect our lives.
  • To expand and explore one’s own potential.
  • To explore BCG concepts and their relevance in Education

This event is a way of acknowledging efforts, of appreciating the teaching fraternity, and of recognizing the huge contribution that educators make to the quality of human life everywhere. Abhivyakti is an exploration, a journey inwards, an introspection, a reflection and a celebration. Each of us has something special within us, a unique gift that makes us different from everyone else, Abhivyakti is an expression of that discovery.