We would like to see a society consisting of:

  • People who feel empowered to bring about change and build a positive society.
  • Individuals who are able to contribute and work for a larger cause.
  • Individuals who value and respect relationships, are sensitive to the needs of other people and societies, and accept diversity as an essential feature of growth and progress.
  • Rational and thinking people, whose actions are driven by reason rather than assumption.
  • Ethical professionals and law-abiding citizens who are not afraid to do what is right.

Bombay Cambridge Gurukul schools will always aim to provide quality education, in an environment of enquiry and discovery, to create learners who are aware and caring individuals, able to express their unique nature to the world.




BCG Schools
(Admissions open for the year 2014-15)


Resumes can be sent to apply2bcg@gmail.com

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