Winners of

Inter-School Photography Competition (2018-19)


Judges for Snap-Shots 2018-19:

Brendan Dias began his career with landscape and travel photography. He has now adapted to weddings, events, and portrait version of photography. He has won a few awards and was the Landscape Trophy winner for the year 2015 at a competition held by The Photographic Society of India, Mumbai. He spends most of his time keeping abreast with the latest in photography and teaches the craft to photographers who want to excel in their art.

Scott Tellis is a Director/Cinematographer who has directed over 2 short films and worked for many productions in America. He graduated from New York Film Academy in Filmmaking. Currently he is consulting with Oranjuice Entertainment for video production and is a freelance photographer and videographer. He has worked with many brands and cooperates in India.

Sanhita Bhattacharjee is a teacher by profession. She is passionate about photography as well. Her work has been published in CHIIZ Magazine, a digital photography magazine that showcases the best pictures submitted by talented people from around the world. She has also been awarded the PCOI Award (Photography Club Of India) a national award in artificial light category . Some of her photographs have been exhibited at the state level and national level as well.

Thank You so much, judges!