Inter-School Quiz Competition


Mastermind” the BCG Inter-school quiz competition was conducted by Gurukul Skylights for students from the five schools of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul. The event was conducted at Dr. S. Radhakrishnan International School (Malad). There were 2 quizzes for students:

1. Quiz for Class 10 students: 6 students from class 10 represented their school.

2. Quiz for AS and A levels: 3 students from AS and A level represented their school. 

The theme of Mastermind this year was 'Games' (board games).

The quiz for Class 10 students was planned in 2 segments:

Segment 1 had rounds on Science, Geography, Math, Information Technology and a buzzer round on current affairs.

Segment 2 had rounds on Arts, Lifestyle, History, Literature and a prepared rapid fire round on a certain type of sport.

Overall winners of Class-10

Team Members:

Dhruv Jain

Avi Mandavia

Pradyun More

Reshma Nair

Rachana Jadhav

Shriya Krishnan

Winners of Segment 1 Winners of Segment 2

Team Members:

Shreya Pandit

Harsh Deosthali

Smit Shah

Team Members:

Reshma Nair

Rachana Jadhav

Shriya Krishnan




The quiz for AS and A level students had 5 categories. They were: Language/ Literature, Arts and History, Math and IT, Geography and Environment and Current Affairs.

Winners of AS & A Level

Sudev Nambuthiri

Sakshi Gadge

Atharv Ambokar


Click here to view a sample of our prize winning trophy for Student Mastermind

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