Our judges for

The Inter-School Poetry Writing competition (2018-19)

Nalini Sorensen is an award-winning children’s author. She loves spending time with children and looking at the world through the wonder of their eyes. Nalini’s books include, ‘Lucky, It’s Not Just a Christmas Story!’ ‘Lucky, It’s Diwali!’, ‘While You Are Sleeping’, ‘Papa’s Marathon’, ‘Dada’s Useless Present’, ‘The Star That Saved the Day’, ‘Number March’, and ‘Alphabet Dress-up’.
In addition to these, she has contributed to numerous anthologies, to children’s magazines and has written readers for schools in Mumbai.

Joanne Saldanha is a Chennai based Story Educator and Library Educator. She strongly believes that encouraging reading for pleasure and developing a culture of storytelling at home and classrooms are vital to developing children who are informed, open, empathetic and creative. She guides teachers and parents on building this culture through a range of workshops and interactive sessions. Popularly called 'Myth Aunty' by her students, Joanne writes about her experiences with her students and her work, on Facebook and Instagram under the name…'Myth Aunty'.

Dr. Rakhi Jain holds a Ph.D. in Social psychology from University of Delhi. She has published research articles with medical journals and with The Reader’s Digest of India. She has worked for UNICEF and Indira Gandhi open university as a consultant. Currently she is engaged as an independent director with the JSW group of Companies. In her free time she writes both in Hindi and English for various print and digital publications on subjects like Mythology, Relationships and Parenting.